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Corporate Payroll Services

Time Employer Services’ corporate payroll services stand up to the challenges of your business, no matter which industry you’re in — restaurant, retail, healthcare or other specialized fields.

Count on us to exceed your expectations when delivering corporate payroll services that meet your day-to-day demands. Because of our customizable solutions, our tools and services can accommodate the needs of smaller companies to larger enterprises.

Our business payroll services are streamlined but address the complexities of your industry, so that you’re not susceptible to labor and tax penalties.

We deliver the expertise you need to stay on top of the tax and reporting requirements — whether they are the rules that govern tipped employees like those in the restaurant industry or the regulations enforced in the healthcare industry.

When you need company payroll services that fit your business needs, let us help you streamline your processes.


With the need to juggle schedules, employee job responsibilities, payroll and regulations, maintaining a restaurant can be challenging business. We have the experience to assure your restaurant bookkeeping and HR tasks are based on accurate and timely data and processes. With our business payroll services, we help you address complexities of your field, including calculating and reviewing wages based on FICA tip credits. Our solutions help you minimize the risks of making errors.


Our specialized retail accounting software simplifies the ability for you to manage your payroll processes, ensuring accurate data that keeps you in compliance with government regulations. Our corporate payroll services for retail take into account the specific challenges of the retail industry. We deliver comprehensive products and solution for the retail business’ HR and personnel departments.


When you’re operating in the healthcare industry, it’s essential that you keep your employees certified through adequate training and assuring the delivery of quality care 24/7. With our business payroll solutions designed for the healthcare industry, you’re able to more effectively manage your employees’ records — understanding with a quick review which of them need certification. We also help you recruit and hire the best talent with a platform that helps you keep track of applicant records and interview processes. When you’re seeking corporate payroll services that are a tailored for your specific industry, you can rely on Time Payroll to deliver the solutions. Contact us today for more information.

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