Church Payroll Services Simplified

With church payroll services requiring features tailored to the distinct requirements of your faith community, it’s important to select a provider that understands those unique challenges.

At Time Employer Services, we get that. That’s why we provide solutions and services designed specifically for your church’s needs. We offer church accounting solutions and church payroll services that fit a wide range of specifications — no matter the size or complexities of your religious organization.

Whether you need simple bookkeeping services for your church or a more comprehensive package that takes into account the needs of a larger congregation, we can customize a solution that’s an ideal fit. With our payroll services for churches, you can find more time to address the people and issues that are truly important in carrying out your mission.

Consider Time Employer Services as a partner in providing the support you need to stay on top of the unique requirements of religious institutions.

At Time Employer Services, we focus on delivering the solutions that allow you to devote your time to your ministry. Count on us to handle the complex accounting issues related to religious institutions.

Time Employer Services’ church payroll services are designed with your needs in mind, and they include:

Payroll services for churches

It’s important that you understand and comply with the special tax reporting required of religious institutions, as well as regulations governing clergy payroll. Time Employer Services’ offerings ensure that you are in compliance, as well as taking the steps to benefit from tax exemptions for the clergy. Our church payroll services and solutions provide the platform for more accurate and reliable data gathering — as well as the ability to quickly review reports, updates and other information.

Church employee management solutions

Whether your church is small or large, you need an employee management solution to ensure that the needs of your congregation are met and your building and operations and building are well supervised. Quickly gain insights on how your resources can best deliver on the requirements of your mission.

Personalized customer service

Have questions? Our team has the expertise to answer your questions about various topics related to church payroll and taxes, and employee and time management solutions. It’s one of the qualities that sets Time Employer Services apart — we take pride in providing customer service that exceeds your expectations.

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