Comprehensive Healthcare Payroll Solutions

Running a business in the healthcare industry can be daunting — challenges vary from maintaining certifications and compliance to overseeing a qualified staff that ensures a high level of care.

Time Employer Services has the healthcare payroll solutions to help you more efficiently manage many of those tasks. Keep things running smoothly with our healthcare payroll services that deliver the specific tools you need for healthcare services.

Our healthcare payroll services are designed to be highly customizable — providing you with options that allow you to accurately and effectively keep abreast of employee training, licensing and certification, recruitment and hiring, and tracking of employee hours, payroll and scheduling.

Even more importantly, our solutions cut down the time it takes for your team to handle all these tasks — freeing up more time to provide quality care and great customer service.

Time Employer Services can provide you with HR and payroll services specifically designed for the healthcare industry:

Maintain Employee Records

A typical challenge is finding specialized medical professionals to accommodate expanding needs or to fill vacated positions. In addition, employees are required to keep up with training and certification requirements. We provide the tools to help you easily manage hiring as well as employees’ progress with training. Our electronic healthcare tools give you insights on employee details that are easily accessed. They also can be customized to provide alerts, including when certifications are about to expire.

Time and Labor Management

With Time Employer Services’ tracking tools, including our payroll-based journal, managers and supervisors can track the amount of time devoted to individual patients, providing real-time accurate data. These solutions also provide you with the information that you need to ensure that you’re keeping in line with requirements for Medicaid/Medicare as well as for nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.


In many cases, the healthcare and hospital industry require scheduling of employees around the clock. Managing your employees’ schedules requires accurate data, attention to detail, and the ability to track shift differentials. With our health payroll solutions, you can ensure shifts are covered in the event of an employee absence or staffing shortage. Our system allows you to fill a spot by quickly sending a message to all staff members eligible to work via an email or a text.


Compliance with laws and regulations governing the healthcare industry is essential. Our healthcare solutions help you stay abreast of new regulations as well as help keep you compliance with current laws and regulations. Managing a healthcare business is rewarding and challenging. With Time Employer Services’ solutions, you can focus more on delivering optimal care by using tools that boost your productivity.

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