Restaurant Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

Anyone who works in the restaurant business knows how complicated things can get — especially for managers trying to keep track of schedules, employee responsibilities, and payroll.

Restaurant bookkeeping and HR tasks require precise processes to ensure all data is accurate. Time Employer Services understands those challenges. We provide you with the restaurant bookkeeping payroll tools to help you more easily manage the most demanding tasks.

With our restaurant payroll services, you’ll be equipped to more quickly calculate and review wages, FICA tip credits, and tax payments. Our restaurant accounting services are designed to reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks as well as minimize the incidence of errors.

With more time on your hands, you can focus on providing your customers the high level of service that keeps them coming back.

Our payroll and accounting services include the following options for restaurant bookkeeping:

Scheduling and organization

Due to the nature of the restaurant industry, managers must juggle the schedules of numerous part-time and full-time employees who handle various shifts and job responsibilities. Our solutions include the ability to manage those challenges with clear and concise insights on employee schedules, requests for time off and sick leave, and availability of specific employees to pick up shifts when needed. We also make it easy to address any gaps. With one click, your team can quickly send out a request to available employees who are able to fill in as needed.

Tracking hours

Our time management solution is key to keeping your restaurant business running efficiently and cost-effectively. When paired with our scheduling solutions, restaurant timekeeping services can assist you in quickly managing overtime and time-off requests. In addition, we can help you track overtime hours to ensure you’re in compliance with laws and regulations.

Monitor wages, tips and reporting requirements

As a restaurant owner or manager, you face the additional challenge of processing restaurant payroll that must be tailored to accommodate special wage and reporting requirements for employees who regularly receive tips. Our restaurant payroll services help you stay in compliance with federal regulations for tipped employees, as well as ensure that you’re operating profitably. We can help you understand the regulations set forth under the Fair Labor Standards Act and see that your employees are receiving the minimum wage.

Automated notifications

With Time Employer Services’ restaurant bookkeeping and payroll services, you receive automated warnings to keep you informed of tax and deduction shortfalls for employees and alerts if employees are not meeting minimum wage requirements. With Time Employer Services as your partner, you can customize a payroll and accounting solution specifically designed for the needs of your restaurant at the level of service you need to keep your operations running smoothly. For more information, contact us today.

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