Retail Payroll Solutions and Services

When you’re faced with the challenges of the retail industry — from marketing and promotions to managing employees and inventory — you need solutions that keep things operating seamlessly and efficiently.

Time Employer Services can help with retail payroll services that allow you to focus on the aspects of your business that keep you profitable, like great customer service.

Our specialized retail accounting software helps you streamline your retail payroll processes, making it easier to stay in compliance with regulations governing this industry as well as keeping your employees paid accurately and on time.

Our retail accounting software is designed with the specific challenges of this particular industry in mind. You can count on us to deliver a comprehensive solution for your HR and personnel departments. These include:


With our retail payroll management features, your team will be better able to process your employees’ pay, deductions and taxes. It also gives you the tools you need to compare and adjust pay grades of your employees, and generate reports at your convenience. You can also be assured that you’re in compliance with government regulations as well as tax requirements. The ongoing demands of the retail industry require you to quickly access the information you need to maintain accountability and keep your operations running smoothly. As your partner for retail accounting services, Time Employer Services is committed to providing you with the cost-effective tools you need to stay competitive.


Better manage your employees, from hiring to onboarding and exits, with a consolidated view of your workforce. You also will be able to gain real-time insights into performance, allowing managers to have the information they need to take the next step with employees — including promotions. Our solution also allows you to quickly assess the need for new hires.


Retail managers are often faced with extremely demanding scheduling challenges. Last minute sick or time-off requests can quickly disrupt even the most carefully planned schedules. Our solution is designed to empower your team to quickly find last-minute replacements as well as conduct overtime management more effectively. When an employee is nearing overtime status, for example, a warning is automatically sent to the supervisor. Our tools also make it easy for managers and employees to quickly track their vacation and personal leave status.


At the end of the workday, every retail operation should have clear insights on inventory sold and income. We can help you better monitor your business by providing the information you need to understand where you are financially — whether it’s at the end of the day, the end of the week, or the end of the year.

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