School Payroll Services That Get Top Grades

Running a great school requires you to stay focused on delivering a quality education — one that will stay with students for a lifetime.

Of course, you can’t accomplish that goal without school payroll services and other behind-the-scenes operations that run smoothly on a daily basis.

Time Employer Services provides comprehensive school payroll services that address the unique demands of schools — providing you with solid solutions that are designed to handle your school accounting needs along with an array of payroll and HR needs.

With Time Employer Services’ innovative school payroll services, you’re equipped to significantly streamline an array of tasks, from payroll to vacation requests. We understand the challenges facing school administration.

That’s why we make sure our school payroll services, school bookkeeping services, and school accounting services are designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

When you require payroll services for the demands of your school or school district, you can trust Time Employer Services’ solutions. Here are just several of the services and products we offer that fit your needs:

School time management:

The unique schedules of school systems require customized solutions. Unexpected sick leave or time-off requests require immediate attention to avoid unattended classes. Time Payroll’s solution is designed to help you manage those situations quickly. Time Employer Services’ employee self-service (ESS) features also enable employees to view and update data, including personal information, vacation requests, pension progress and other data that has been approved by your team for this application. This tool frees up your HR team to more effectively handle their other responsibilities.

School payroll management:

With our school payroll management features, your team will be able to handle HR and payroll responsibilities in less time. Our automated system enables you to more quickly and accurately process your employees’ pay, deductions and taxes. With Time Employer Services, you’ll also gain the ability to seamlessly accommodate the varying pay grades of teachers, administrators and support staff — quickly generating reports to review relevant data. With our highly rated customer service, you also can be confident that you have the tools and services you need to stay in compliance with tax requirements and government regulations.

School employee management:

Seeking the ideal teachers and support staff to help you school attain superior performance requires a platform and services that manage the process from recruiting and hiring to continuing evaluations. Our solutions give your principals and other managers the tools they need to more effectively assess your employees. Whether you need timely insights into progress or performance, Time Employer Services’ solutions give you easily accessible data to make more informed decisions.

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