Payroll Services

Payroll Services Deliver a Customized Solution

Your company works hard to deliver products and services that make you stand out from your competitors. Because of those unique qualities, Time Payroll understands how important it is to deliver payroll services that are customized to your specific needs.

Whether you’re seeking ways to improve productivity or cut costs in addition to executing payroll services flawlessly, we have the payroll tax software and other tools to help you achieve your goals.

Our payroll services can be integrated with numerous services to quickly streamline your operations so you can be more profitable.


Time Payroll offers a variety of payroll services and solutions to accommodate your needs. Whether you choose an online payroll solution that you can personally manage or opt for our more comprehensive payroll services, you can be assured that your payroll and HR tasks will be executed more accurately and efficiently.

Here are a few of our services and products; you can select what you need to customize a solution tailored for the challenges and needs of your company and industry.

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Payroll services

With Time Payroll’s array of online payroll solutions and comprehensive service options, you can formulate the combination that makes your payroll process more convenient at an affordable rate. Our payroll solutions, payroll tax software, and customer service ensure that you can quickly file and pay taxes on time, as well as enjoy the conveniences of direct deposits, overtime alerts, and tax updates and reminders. We make sure that we work hard to deliver the best payroll experience so you don’t have to. Our solutions also provide the ability to get clear insights into your payroll, tax reports and other data.


Manage your money and resources by keeping track of one of your most valuable resources — your employees’ time. With our software and solutions, employees will find it easy to clock in and out from convenient time-reporting options, including digital devices. Our timekeeping system also can help you make sure you’re staying in compliance with federal regulations related to overtime.

Tax Filing

Our payroll tax software helps you simplify the process of tracking, reporting and filing your employees’ taxes, while keeping you in compliance with tax regulations. Under our more comprehensive selection, Time Payroll will file payroll tax returns on your behalf.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Our ESS features save you time and resources by giving your employees the convenience of updating and reviewing information that otherwise would be assigned to your HR team. You select the type of information that employees can access, including personal contact information and banking data. With employees updating their own information, you’re able to save time and money.

HR Administration

With our HR systems, you will cut down on the time it takes to complete tasks — from hiring and onboarding to managing employees. Our applicant tracking system gives you the oversight you need to select the best candidates during the hiring process and the tools you require for a seamless onboarding process.


Need employee benefit management services that work hard for you? Time Payroll’s solution provide the tools your team needs to oversee and manage your employees’ benefit offerings, including  healthcare, workers compensation, and Flexible Spending Accounts.

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