Employee Benefits

Employee Benefit Management Services

An array of quality employee benefits — including health insurance and retirement benefits — are among the key components of compensation. It can mean the difference between hiring and keeping your best employees.

Time Employer Services realizes the importance of your benefits offerings. That’s why we deliver employee benefit management services that are designed to help you with the process of managing employee benefits.

Our employee benefit management services enable you to ensure the proper implementation of this valuable form of compensation.

Our solution is designed to provide your team with an optimal employee benefits management system designed around your company’s specific needs. These include:

Healthcare Benefits

Through our online and automated solutions and services, you no longer need to administer employee benefits. With our more comprehensive solutions, we manage the process of reviewing and comparing healthcare benefits packages, ensuring compliance with local and federal laws, and providing updates on employee enrollment and renewals.

Payroll tax compliance

With our benefits management systems, you can keep track of wages in real time — allowing you to accurately calculate the amount of workers compensation that should be provided in an individual case. This type of accuracy in data collection ensures that you don’t require the need for an audit. If an audit is performed, it will conducted free of charge to our clients.

Workers Compensation

When you offer employees the ability to opt in to HSAs (health savings account) or flexible spending accounts under Section 125, you’re encouraging them to live healthier lifestyles. HSA, which are funds dedicated to health needs but not subject to federal taxes, are among the benefits that you can easily manage under Time Employer Services’ solutions.

Retirement Wealth

With our benefits management systems, you can easily gain access to the reports and communications you need to manage payments to 401K and retirement savings accounts of your employees.  Throughout the life-cycle of your employees, from new hires to retirement, Time Employer Services can provide you with all the online tools and services you need in an employee benefit management services plan. Find out how easy the process can be by contacting us today for more information.

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