Workers’ Compensation


Worry-free management of workers’ compensation obligations

Small- to mid-size businesses may lack internal accounting and human resources staff to handle workers’ compensation management. That’s why Time Employer Services offers benefit management services software and support that can handle all aspects of workers’ compensation claims management. Whether you have two employees or 2,000, we can help you choose a plan to cover your employees, manage workers’ compensation claims, and maintain compliance with state workers’ comp laws.

Accounting Services

The amount of workers’ compensation paid to an injured employee varies considerably depending on several factors, such as the severity of the injury, whether the employee is expected to fully recover and, in the case of permanent partial impairment, the degree of injury. Our accounting team and workers’ compensation software ensures processing and payment of workers’ compensation claims will always be accurate – you won’t have to worry about making a mistake that could result in hefty state fines.

Records Management

Workers’ compensation claims management software helps you track all of the records associated with a particular case – accident reports, medical evaluation reports, claims adjustment forms, and more. With our workers’ compensation case management software, you can easily retrieve and review all forms.

Compliance Guidance

Businesses may unknowingly run afoul of the law by failing to properly document every action involving an injured worker. For example, while state law may allow you to terminate an injured employee, if you cannot prove the termination is unrelated to the injury, that employee could have grounds for a legal claim against your business.

Employers are also required to post a workplace notice that explains employees are covered by workplace compensation insurance. If the notice isn’t posted, is expired, or fails to provide the details required by law, an employer could be subject to civil penalties. Our benefit services team helps businesses maintain compliance with laws pertaining to worker’s compensation claims, protecting businesses from financial losses associated with non-compliance.

Working in tandem with your team

Even if you do have an internal accounting staff and human resources professionals, our menu of benefits management services allows you choose only those functions with which you need assistance – and we’re also prepared to handle every aspect of your benefits administration.

In addition to workers’ compensation management, our software and support can manage employee health plans, payroll and corporate taxes, retirement plans, timekeeping, employee records management, time-off requests, and paperless employee onboarding. Whether you run a small office or a Fortune 500 company, we can help you streamline your administrative tasks.

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