Streamline Operations with ESS

Ease the responsibilities required of your HR and payroll staff by implementing a system that allows your employees to access and input data themselves.

Time Employer Services’ ESS (employee self-service) options can pave the way to increased efficiency and savings — as it significantly reduces the time your HR and payroll staff devotes to specific tasks.

ESS features enable your employees to handle numerous HR-related tasks, from updating details such as change of address and phone numbers to changing banking data.

Under more traditional models, such changes would be made by the HR and payroll departments upon request, consuming hours of those employees’ time.

With the implementation of our ESS options, you can count on being able to customize these operations with time-saving features.

Update Personal Information

With the integration of our employee self services payroll solution, your staff can quickly insert and update personal information — including address, contact information and banking information.

Payroll tax compliance

With our ESS system, there’s no need for employees to contact the HR to request PTO, vacation or sick leave. They can do it all electronically, freeing up your HR staff and managers to review them from the convenience of their computers. The system also enables employees to quickly view how much PTO they have remaining.

Make PTO/Vacation Requests

Gathering documents to complete the process for open enrollment of benefits can be one of the most time-consuming functions of your HR and payroll department. By allowing employees to review and choose benefits electronically, you can reduce the amount of time and resources your HR staff invests in this annual ritual.

Review Basic Information

When employees want to review their past and current pay and tax statements, or retrieve tax forms, there’s no need to contact an HR manager for that information. It can all be reviewed electronically through our employee self service system. With Time Employer Services’ intuitive ESS software solution, your employees can be quickly trained to input and update the information you specify as part of your customized offerings — from time-off requests to open enrollment. It also enables your employees to quickly review information regarding withholdings, benefits and taxes. The cost-savings and efficiencies gained through this secure ESS system can boost your company’s bottom line.

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