HR Administration

HR Systems to Streamline Processes

Time Employer Services provides the HR systems that ensure all your employment and organizational development needs — from hiring to employee evaluations and training — are handled with ease and clarity.

Whether you’re working for a small company with a dozen employees or a Fortune 500 company, our HR systems equip you to efficiently manage your most important assets — your employees.

We offer effective HR management software, solutions and services to help you handle recruiting, staffing, training and professional development objectives.

With our array of options, you can customize the package that works best for your business and industry. Our HR systems include user-friendly human resource management software which equip you to gain more insights and efficiencies for your processes.

You’ll be able to collaborate more effectively as a team to identify the right candidates, streamline the interview and hiring process, and monitor and compare applicants with our HR software systems.

Choose what you need from our array of HR and payroll services. For more information on how we can help streamline your processes, contact us today.

Applicant Tracking System

From the creation of job postings through the identification of top candidates, you can get a better handle on your hiring process through our HR systems. With a user-friendly platform and exceptional customer service, you’ll find that the process of employing the best talent is more efficient and effective. You’ll gain the insights to quickly score candidates based on your criteria — allowing you to easily monitor the employment process step by step.

Administer Assessment Tests

Finding candidates that are the right fit is an essential step in putting your company on a successful path. Assessments are key to ensuring that you’re selecting candidates who are capable of executing the responsibilities listed in your job descriptions. Through our HR resource software, you can administer assessment tests electronically while gathering the results for quick comparison.

Paperless Onboarding

After you select the right candidates, there’s the onboarding. This doesn’t have to be a long exhaustive process – we can help with our HR and payroll services and solutions. Using automated and online solutions, everything can be handled without any onsite paperwork. New employees can fill out paperwork before their first day, allowing the data to be easily transferred into payroll records.

With our HR systems, you’ll be able to quickly tackle the tasks associated with hiring new employees and monitoring progress throughout their relationship with your company.

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