Timekeeping Systems

Timekeeping Systems Made Easy

Tracking employees’ time is essential for keeping your business in the black. Time Employer Services has a system that enables you to perform timekeeping tasks in a way that will satisfy both you and your employees.

With our timekeeping software, employees will be able to easily clock in and clock out — from a choice of time-reporting options.

With more accurate reporting of hours, managers and supervisors will be better able to assess employees’ time and attendance as well as determine how to apply resources more effectively during different times of the day.

Our timekeeping system also ensures your compliance with federal regulations on overtime hours.

Ready to get started on better timekeeping? Here are some of the benefits of using Time Employer Services’ timekeeping software:

Easy to Use

With our online timekeeping system, your team is not limited to traditional terminals that require you to enter a pin or swipe a card. For example, our web-based timekeeping solution allows employees to clock in and out on the Internet in real time, using their laptops, tablets or smartphones. We also feature web clocks that transmit the time data in real time, enabling managers to quickly review the data from the convenience of their desktops, laptops or other devices.

Seamless Integration

In addition to timekeeping, our electronic timekeeping system allows for the seamless integration of our other features, including payroll, PTO requests and scheduling. When working together, these features allow you to save time.

Invaluable Insights

With better insights on scheduling and time reporting, managers and supervisors can accurately track where employees are working, what tasks they’re assigned to complete, and the hours associated with those activities. These features can be used to help your business run more efficiently, as it captures real-time data of labor costs for each area of your business.

Project Management

Our time-sheet software also equips you with the tools to better determine the costs associated with each job or individual tasks, whether or not your employees are required to clock in or out. Employees can use the tools to track time spent on a particular project to make sure it aligns with the billing of the project. Time Employer Services time keeping solutions are designed to help you easily and effectively track and manage your company’s most valuable assets — time and resources. With our attention to automation in delivering these solutions, you’ll find that you can start on the path to increased productivity, cost-savings and compliance in no time.

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